ERM. Has Jemma Lucy got a naked Katie Price tattoo?

The pair aren't exactly BFFs....

Jemma Lucy

by Hannah Evans |
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Katie Price and Jemma Lucy aren't exactly BFFs. Ever since their explosive fall out in 2012 the pair have been at logger heads, with heated Twitter rants on the regs.

So, when Jemma unveiled her latest tattoo we were all a bit 'huuuuh?', because it only looks like a totally naked pic of Katie P.

The reality TV star uploaded a close up of her the tat on Insta with the caption: "Another long sitting with @tommicrazy I can’t wait for my full leg sleeve to be finished.”

jemma lucy

Fans were quick to speculate why on earth Jemma would get her sworn enemy permanently drawn on her thigh, and tbh we wanted to know too.

But Jemma has now set the record straight, claiming that the portrait is actually inspired by her ex-girlfriend, Chantelle Connolly.

According to Ok, she said: “No that tattoo is not Katie Price it’s based on Chantelle.”

Still, we did have reason to suspect it might have been inspired by KP. The reality TV star does have a tat of the ex-glamour model in a bikini on her arm…as you do.

The pair first met when Jemma featured on Katie's modelling show, Signed by Katie, in 2011 and became close pals soon after.

However, the duo fell out the next year after Jemma spoke publicly about Katie's plastic surgery addiction, even claiming they had Botox together in front of her children.

Since then it's been full on Jordan vs. Jemma, with Jemma labelling Katie a slag, while Katie reckons Jemma shagged her man Keiron Hayler a while back.

Even if this tat is of Chantelle, Jemma is obv not afraid of inking needles and famously had a massive panther tattooed on her chest.

jemma lucy

You do you, Jemma.

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