Jemma Lucy slams Bear and Charlotte Crosby romance

Uh oh...

Jemma Lucy

by Helena Cartwright |
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Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear went public with their romance last week.

And Jemma Lucy doesn’t seem too happy about it.

She has lashed out at Charlotte for "going for her exes" in a good ol’ Twitter rant.

She started by retweeting someone on Twitter who asked whether she supported their new relationship.

She added to the Tweet: "He will cheat on her like he did me, serves her right for going after all my exes, pretty funny really."

Although, it didn’t take long for someone to point out that she had slept with Gaz – Charlotte’s ex – in the Ex On The Beach villa.

She added: "Yeah he's not her ex boyfriend tho plus I was put in a room with him with loads of booze and I'm not dating him."

Someone then pointed out that Bear cheated on both Jemma and Lillie Lexie Gregg, so he’ll probably cheat on Charlotte.

Well, possibly…

After her tweets caused a bit of a stir, she then took to Snapchat to clear things up.

"I just want to clear a few thing up because everyone's going in on Twitter about this whole Bear and Charlotte situation - I do not give a fuck about it," she said.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

"I don't respond to 99.9% to it, the one Tweet I do respond to is when someone to me said 'Bear's downgraded,'" she explained.

"I didn't say those words, those words did not come out of my mouth. I'm not bringing this whole situation up again, I do not want any beef."

Jem went on to detail exactly what she did say, "I never ever said Charlotte was a downgrade, someone else said that. The facts are Bear cheated on me and he'll probably cheat on her and that's all I've said and the other fact is Bear is my ex and she's gone after my ex again."

She added: "Stop telling me that I'm jealous 'coz I'm not. Do you think I really want to get back with someone who's cheated on me? No! She can have him, I don't care!"

Well, that’s that then.

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