Jemma Lucy goes on Snapchat rant after being refused entry into Harrods

She had a bit of a mare

Jemma Lucy

by Polly Foreman |
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Poor old Jemma Lucy had a bit of a nightmare at the weekend, and was apparently turned away from Harrods when she tried to go in to use the loo.

Jemma Lucy

We’ve all been there, Jem hun.

She took to Snapchat to slam the store, blaming her wheelie suitcase on the fact she was turned away.

Jemma said: "This country right, trying to get in Harrods, Harrods London that place," before pointing at the store window.

cbb Jemma Lucy

"I'm not allowed in because I've got a little suitcase”, she continued.

"A tiny little suitcase.

"I'm not allowed in a shopping centre in my own country because I'm going on an aeroplane tomorrow and I've got my case with me."

Jemma Lucy goat goating goading Celebrity Big Brother 2017 CBB

She also decided to hit the department store where it hurts, saying: “Anyway, I'm going to go to Selfridges now - I need the loo and it's better there too."

Tbf, the Selfridges loos are bloody lovely.

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