Jennifer Aniston apparently had sex in the cockpit of a plane

Because why the hell not, right?

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The Mile High club is sort of similar to most clubs you've heard of, except it's not a club and refers entirely to whether you've had sex on a plane or not.

One person who knows all about it is Jennifer Aniston, who revealed (in an exceptionally raunchy game of "Never Have I Ever" on Ellen) that she's joined said Mile High Club in a cockpit.

She then went on to claim to have joined said club in the cockpit with the pilot, and the co-pilot, which, technically, makes her a black card member of the MHC. For anyone interested, in order to become a gold card member, you have to have sex with the actual plane.

But it seems that even black card members have their limits.

When Ellen concluded the session by asking if Jennifer had ever had sex on a plane "while eating a mini bag of peanuts", she replied: "What? No, well that's just disgusting".

We're shocked and saddened to hear about Jen's lack of respect for peanuts, and for not including said legumes in her mile-high loveplay. And are also fairly sure she took this quiz as seriously as we take peanuts' emotions - but who knows? Maybe somewhere, on a landing strip far, far away, there's a pilot with a huge grin on his (or her) face.

This also comes after Jen spoke in a recent interview about how Friends probably wouldn't work in the world we live in today, because of how much technology has changed.

"Honestly I don’t know what we would do, I think that period of time was nostalgic, our faces weren’t stuffed into cell phones, we weren’t checking Facebook and Instagram, we were in a room together, we were in a coffee shop talking having conversations, we have lost that."

This makes us sad, and like we want to go to a coffee shop with our best mates immediately. Anyone up for that? Maybe we could all chat about why Americans call it "Never Have I Ever" when it's clearly so much easier, and grammatically correct, to say "I Have Never"? Baffling.


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