Jennifer Lopez to buy Ben Affleck Botox and a facelift for Christmas

She doesn't want her husband letting the side down in the glamour stakes

Jen and Ben

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Just last week, Jennifer Lopez gushed about her "real" and "forever" love for her husband Ben Affleck- but now she apparently wants to improve him, by encouraging him to get a little help when it comes to his appearance.

The singer is on a mission to hid her actor husband of his 'life lines' and thinks Botox and fillers could be the answer- well, it certainly solves the problem of what to get him for Christmas!

"Jen thinks Ben is the most handsome man ever, but she thinks he should have started these procedures years ago, even though she says she's never actually had them done herself," our source says.

"She thinks he needs a delicate amount of filler to iron out those crow's feet and Botox to soften his lined forehead- and a facelift might be a good idea. She obviously loves him no matter what, but jokes it wouldn't be a bad thing if they both held onto eternal youth."

Last year, Jen, 53, denied ever having Botox after images emerged of her with a completely crease-free forehead insisting, "That's just my face!! For the millionth time, I have never done Botox or any injectables or surgery!"

But she can see the benefit when it comes to her husband, and wants to inject some Hollywood glam into him.

"Jen is all about them looking every inch the beautiful power couple and doesn't want her man covered in lines and wrinkles. And there are other parts of his body she wants sorted out, too. There's still that Phoenix tattoo on his back to take care of for a start."

Jen and Ben together

In return , Jen has been toning up her world-famous bum to impress the love of her life, with an insider saying, "It's not a one-way street, as she's been bulking up her booty like he asked...Jennifer feels she has this standard to maintain and Ben's got to, as well, whether he likes it or not."

One 14 July, Jen married Ben in Las Vegas. They then tied the knot again in front of friends and family in Georgia on 8 August. Their reunion was what Jennifer described as "full circle" after the pair called off their 2003 wedding.

Now, the insider explains that their amazing love story has made Jen want the two of them to rule Hollywood.

"She wants them to come across the king and queen of Hollywood- a billionaire match made in heaven in every sense- and that means dressing the part and taking care of themselves accordingly," our source says.

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"Fortunately for Jen, she's in great shape and has been meticulous with her beauty regime pretty much her whole life, plus she's blessed with incredible genes and doesn't need to be going for endless surgeries like her Hollywood peers. But Ben's a heavy smoker who's lived on the edge and not taken that level of care with himself, and the harsh reality of that is starting to show.

"He's already dropped weight, smartened himself up, and lives a far cleaner and healthier lifestyle now than he did pre-Jennifer. But there's still maintenance to be done, as far as Jen's concerned, and it isn't fixable with just a few fancy creams."

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