Has Jeremy McConnell been flirting with another Love Island lovely?

He's really working the scattergun approach

Jeremy McConnell

by Georgina Terry |
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There are some things in life we will never understand: Coke Zero, Coldplay and

why Jeremy McConnell is like catnip to some of the laydeez.

Sure, he has those beautiful blue eyes, knock-out tats, and a charming Irish brogue, but we fail to see just why he has women swooning at his feet.

And it seems as though another reality TV lady may be susceptible to Jezza's charms.

Hot on the heels of Jeremy and Malin Andersson's OUTRAGEOUS flirt-fest, Jez and Liana Isadora Van Riel have been discovering just what they have in common: their nose.

Liana told Jez, coquettishly:

"Just realised @JezzaMcConnell had the same nose surgeon as me in Poland. Small world."

"Small nose," Jeremy replied, which is basically the same as slapping his (by all accounts very large) penis out on the table.

"Small nose now anyway," Liana countered: the tweet equivalent of sucking on a Calippo, suggestively.

What a pair of saucy minxes.

Last time we looked, Liana was actually dating Love Island's Adam Jukes, although she doesn't seem to have joined him and Tom Powell on a recent trip to Ayia Napa.

TBF, she seems to be doing pretty, pretty well at the stripping career she told heat she was returning to after her turn on the show, so maybe she doesn't need to do the PRs the other cast members are embarking on.

Liana's also been tweeting about the gifts she gets from customers:

And the cold hard cash she's earning. We wish someone would pay £150 to talk to us:

In other Love Island news, Katie Salmon has been talking about how she inspired young people to come out following her appearance on the show, Tom faced an AWKS grilling over Sophie Gradon, and Olivia Buckland reckons the lie detector test Alex Bowen took was incorrect.

Sure, Liv. Sure.

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