Jeremy McConnell gets his NIPPLE pierced amid Stephanie Davis pregnancy drama

Is this Jez's idea of a revenge makeover?


by Cate Sutherland |
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Jeremy McConnell's had a tough old time since splitting with Stephanie Davis, especially with those pregnancy claims flying around. And like most CBB hunks going through a tough patch, that means more boozing, sleazing and, er, a new piercing?

Yep: Jez posted a picture of his cheeky nipple ring poking out from his tank top on Snapchat.


It comes just days after he added to his extensive tattoo collection, sharing new ink of a despondent-looking lass with exposed neck vertebrae on his Instagram. Gross.

The caption read: "4 piercings and start of leg sleeve with the custom artist himself Aj Leo."

Jez's makeover comes days after cancelling a presenting gig in Ireland to party at a club in Wrexham.

According to The Sun, he was spotted necking vodka and champagne bottles, as well as some hot fans.

He then pulled out of hosting the Irish launch of Big Brother because of "food poisoning". Must have been some nasty nightclub oysters to ditch such a high-profile gig.

We guess these lime green jeans have gone to waste then…

One of his mates told The Sun: "People will soon stop booking him for telly gigs if he doesn't prove himself to be reliable.

"While it's all good fun getting paid to go to nightclubs, one day his fans will be grown up and he will struggle to get work.

"By taking his TV career more seriously he can start appealing to a wider audience and start laying some strong foundations for the future."

Stephanie Davis has made her feelings VERY clear. In her recent Twitter rant, she suggested his partying lifestyle may destroy his life long before he gets a chance to play daddy:

Jeremy has denied being the father of Steph's baby and is willing to take a DNA test.

Jez, time to take things down a notch mate.

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