Jeremy McConnell and Love Island’s Malin Andersson have been FLIRTING

Are they sliding into each other's DMs?

Malin Andersson

by Hannah Mellin |
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Our *Love Island *queen of sass does seem to have terrible taste in men.

C'mon Malin girl, you're better than all this.

As you all probably know by now, Celebrity Big Brother's Jeremy McConnell thinks he's one almighty player.

During his rocky relationship with ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis (who is now pregnant, with Jeremy denying that he is the father) we lost count of the number of girls who came forward to say the tattooed model had messaged them on Twitter.

It was basically screenshots galore, with Jez trying his best to woo random girls and deny that he was in a relationship. Even though said relationship was played out on the TELLY for everybody to see.


And now it turns out that Jezza has been linked to Love Island beauty Malin Anderrson, who was royally f*cked over on the show by nasty Terry Walsh.

Malin and Jezza have been tweeting each other about sunglasses, clothes and acronymns.

Which is flirting in our books. It IS 2016.

He even liked this mystery tweet:

Since coming face to face with her angry and pouty ex Terry at the Love Island wrap party earlier this week, Malin revealed on Periscope that she's moved on from all the dramz.

She told fans: "I'm going to visit somebody tomorrow so I don't want to go to the Sugar Hut tonight."

When asked who it was, she replied: "You have to wait and see, my options are open."

Could it be Jezza?

Maybe it's the lure of his snazzy new nose, that he revealed to the world yesterday.

Or his MASSIVE willy.

Malin is being very secretive about the whole thing, tweeting that we 'shouldn't believe everything we read'.

If that was the case, heat would definitely be out of a job.

**What do you MAKE OF ALL THIS? **

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