Jeremy McConnell posts snap of him and Stephanie Davis in bed together

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

by Georgina Terry |
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IMPORTANT LUNCHTIME UPDATE: Stephanie Davis has just tweeted a snap of Jeremy McConnell's ACTUAL NAKED ARSE.

And we can see EVERYTHING. Including that he's extremely... well-pruned down there.

heat is momentarily struck dumb with this brand-new information. Let's have a reminder of how big his giant penis is too, shall we?

Oh, and Jezza's posted a statement about his and Steph's relationship, blaming "the media" for twisting things.

Um... thanks?

Jeremy McConnell, Beauty School Cop Out, has posted a raunchy picture of him in bed with former Hollyoaks beaut Stephanie Davis.

OK, it's not that raunchy. Nothing that would make your nan blush.

Unless your nan is a right prude.

Although, we can't help but notice that Steph looks brunette in this picture, and she went blonde on Saturday. So, is the bed snap an old snap?

Either way, the two appear to be back together, after splitting at the weekend and cancelling a joint appearance on Loose Women on Monday.

Steph sent a message to the show about her state of mind and saying: "I'm really sad not to be able to come onto the show today and see all of you Loose Women.

"Everything has changed for me over the weekend, I'm very upset and I feel taking a few days to get my head together is the best thing for me to do right now.

"Thank you for all the continued support as always. Love you all lots and I will see you soon. Stephanie x."

It's been alleged that Steph lost contact with Jezza for 24 hours over the weekend and rumours about him cheating on her emerged.

However, Steph then tweeted yesterday afternoon saying that the pair, who met on Celebrity Big Brother, were still together.

Blimey - they get together and break up more times than Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby those two.

Fingers crossed for 'em.

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