Jeremy McConnell shares his new nose with the world

New snozzer alert!

Jeremy McConnell

by Hannah Mellin |
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Remember when Celebrity Big Brother's Jezza shared this picture from a hospital bed earlier this month?

Jeremy McConnell

We were pretty worried it could have been something serious, with all the shenanigans going on with his ex- girlfriend Stephanie Davis – who is currently pregnant with his child.

Stephanie Davis' pregnancy- everything we know so far

Something Jezza has denied time and time again, despite Steph getting her bump out for everyone to see.

[We would tell you WHOLE story but you could just catch up with this handy timeline that we spent DAYS writing instead.


However, it seems the reason he was in hospital (in Poland) was because he was recovering from a plastic surgery operation. He joked he was getting a 'sex change', but he really was getting a nose job.

Apparently the work he had done to he snozzer wasn't for vanity reasons.

A source close to the reality star told heatworld: "Jeremy has had a long-standing football injury to his nose corrected in Poland.

We've been on tenterhooks about the big reveal ever since, especially as he's been trying his absolute BEST to make sure we don't see his face.


Anyway, here's his new nose:

Jeremy McConnell

Here's his old nose compared to his new nose:

Jeremy McConnell

Not as pretty as Charlotte Crosby's nose, but we would say that.

Happy new nose, Jezza. Hope she makes you very happy!

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