Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis show the meaning of romance is BOOB HONK

Because what else says romance like this grand gesture?

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

by Georgina Terry |

Truly, the beautiful love story of Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis is the fairy tale romance of our time.

From meeting on a reality TV show, to cancelling an appearance on Loose Women, and true (or were they false? – it's so easy to confuse the two) messages from Jeremy to other ladies surfacing on the internet, no love story has been more 2016.

And now Jeremy has made the most romantic gesture we will see this year or any year.

Jez has honked Steph on the boob. See?

We have so many questions.

Why did this happen?

Where did this happen?

Who took the photo?

Why has Steph shared it with the world?

What does the "not long now" refer to?

Five questions.

Now, we're not going to fall for the "we're engaged" trick again, so we're going to guess that they have been separated by cruel fate (separate PAs) and Steph is looking forward to the time they are reunited and her boob is being honked once more.

Ah, young love. It makes us feel all squishy inside.

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