Was Jessica Simpson ‘wasted’ during Home Shopping Network appearance?

Because Twitter sure seems to think so…

Jessica Simpson

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

All Jessica Simpson wanted to do was go on the Home Shopping Network and advertise her wares.

But what she actually did was cause quite the stir on Twitter.


Viewers of the show, which is basically an American version of QVC – took to the social networking site to comment on the singer’s apparent ‘drunken/stoned’ behaviour.

The mom-of-two appeared agitated and unsteady on her feet as she joined host Colleen Lopez for the two hour appearance, which saw the 35 year old swaying as she banged on about her sister Ashlee Simpson sharing jeans with her husband Evan Ross.

Saying this, it may have actually worked out well for Jessica – people began tweeting that they’d never usually watch HSN, but she was making it worth a viewing.

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