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The recent release of the Harry Potter And The Cursed Child book sent Potterheads into an absolute frenzy (achem - ourselves included), because our love for Harry Potter – but mostly for Oliver Wood – will never die. Ever. It'll only grow like a well-nurtured plant every time some new HP material arrives in our lives.

And even if we DID spend three hours in an online queue for tickets to the stage play only for us to get thrown out while picking seats because they'd actually all sold out (can you tell we're not bitter?), this Harry Potter news soaks up all our bad feelings and replaces them with LIGHT AND SUNSHINE. Kind of like a lumos of the heart.

Because, fellow Potterheads, JK Rowling has announced that there will be three new books for us muggles to sink our teeth into. Yes, you heard correctly – THREE.

The Pottermore Presents book series will be a combination of short stories from the second best website in the world (heat is obvs first), Pottermore, as well as some fresh material from Rowling herself.

I know it's exciting but remember to BREATHE, people.

As well as getting an insight into the evil Dolores Umbridge's background story, there will also be tales of Lord Voldemort's friendship with Professor Slughorn, PLUS secrets from the school that everyone who's anyone wants to go to (we're still waiting for our acceptance letter), Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The stories might not include the lightning scarred protagonist, but we are ridiculously excited to get our hands on another piece of his magical world. And now we're smiling like this.


What are all these Hogwarts secrets? How did Umbridge turn so evil? And is there any way that we could get the absolute BABE that is Oliver Wood into the muggle world so we can put a ring on it?

We need answers, now. ACCIO new Harry Potter books!

OK, that didn't work because the ebooks don't come out until 6 September. But when they do, we'll be the first ones on it.


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