Joaquin Phoenix lies about engagement after saying his life is “boring”

Fibbing Mr Phoenix confesses he made up a pretend engagement to seem more interesting


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Pants on fire
Pants on fire

Now we've all been found guilty of telling the odd little white lie or two about being late for work or saying we're ill when we can't be bothered to go out, but we can't say we've ever gone so far as to pretend we're engaged. Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand, decided to tell a little fib to David Letterman last night, saying that he was engaged to "an unnamed yoga instructor." But today as he appeared on Good Morning America, he admitted he'd actually made the whole thing up. Apparently he wanted to 'spice up his story a little bit to make himself seem more interesting.' Hmmmm...we reckon Hollywood actors are quite interesting as it is, but each to their own eh? He even went so far as to fabricate the whole tale: "First we do these breathing exercises and I go 'I can do this' and then she says we are going to get in the first position - the 'harnessing of the hog.' Before I can say 'Who is the hog?' she grabs me and it's a compromising and vulnerable position and she gets a strap and puts it around me and she's thrusting. And I go 'Oh, no! My back pain!' And she goes 'No that's your emotional back pain.'"

Er, ok.

Joaquin said: "I think my life's so boring and it seemed like something exciting to talk about, and I wanted the audience to like me. They really like people getting married."

Yeah, they do. BUT ONLY IF IT'S REAL.

Anyway, Mr Phoenix's PR commented to* The Independent* this morning: "Joaquin has an extraordinary and spontaneous sense of humour but it is not true. The whole thing was a joke."

Would've been a great story if it wasn't though huh?

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