Jodie Marsh kept her 5-YEAR celibacy pact until her wedding day!

The glamour model says new husband James is “the right one”

jodie marsh married husband james

by Emmeline Saunders |

Jodie Marsh stayed celibate for nearly five years – all the way up to her wedding day, she’s revealed.

Taking to Twitter after announcing her shock wedding to James Placido, Jodie apologised for not having put any pictures up yet and said they were enjoying their first day as husband and wife.

And then she dropped THIS bombshell:

Jodie posted more pictures of their wedding day, which took place on Dorset Beach in Barbados.

She opted for a white jumpsuit with harem-style bottoms, flowers in her hair and simple gold anklets, while James wore a white shirt and matching shorts to tie the knot in.

“More pics to come later. For now I'm off to ravage my husband ;-)” she added.

Jodie Marsh strips off for sexiest photoshoot ever - boobs, bums and pubic regions galore


Jodie Marsh strips off for sexiest photoshoot ever - boobs, bums and public regions galore

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