Joe Swash is planning on PROPOSING to Stacey Solomon


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by Polly Foreman |
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Never before has the phrase 'deer in the headlights' applied more than to poor old Joe Swash on The Xtra Factor.

There he was on the panel with Gemma Collins and Jamie Laing, probably prepared for an evening of light-hearted fun talking about Sada Vidoo and that twin of Louis Tomlinson's etc, when he was STRUCK with the question of proposing to his girlfriend Stacey Solomon.

Joee swash

Hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson repeatedly said things like: "When are you proposing to Solomon?" and "your lovely lady friend who was on yesterday, she really wants a proposal."

xtra factor

Rylan then said: "Let's say it straight. You're gonna do it, aren't ya?"

Joe replied (very nervously) with: "Yeah at some point."

xtra factor


We wonder if Rylan and Matt will address claims that The X Factor welcome party was apaz one MASSIVE DRUNKEN ORGY (probably not).

It took place over five days at a London hotel while they were filming boot camp.

And they apaz got completely mashed, hired strippers, and got saucy with each other.

"Some contestants went wild at boot camp treating it more like an 18-30s holiday.

"There were wild late night parties with contestants snogging and sleeping together.

"One girl in particular was all over the boys and slept with at least three different people," a source told the Daily Star.

Sada Vidoo?


"No drinking was allowed before 9pm but after that people were getting drunk."

The X Factor is literally MENTAL this year.

BUT a source for the show denied claims of a rampant sex-fest, saying: "A welcome party was thrown for contestants where anyone over 18 was allowed two drinks.

"No one was ever encouraged to misbehave and all acts are auditioned on the merit of their performances and nothing else."

But we all know everyone who's been to a school disco knows how to get around the old 'two drinks each' rule.

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