Joey Essex had no idea Kate Middleton was pregnant with the royal baby until we just told him…

Oh Joey...

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

You know how the whole world has been waiting with baited breath for news that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s second royal baby is on its way?

Like, literally the whole world… well, except Joey Essex apparently.


Turns out TOWIE star Joey – the man who says he’d quite like a seat in Parliament – had absolutely no clue that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant.

He honestly didn’t have the foggiest idea, until we told him, that the fourth-in-line for the throne was arriving any day now.

We went to speak to Joey this morning about his new series,* Joey Essex: General Election, What Are You Saying!? *But when the royal baby came up, he was completely and utterly stumped…

Wow. Just wow.

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