Joey Essex has a moustache and it looks weird!

Joey Essex has got a new bit of facial hair…


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

Now we don’t normal often scream when we see Joey Essex’s face. He is very good looking (if you like that sort of thing). But, today, a squeal went up around heat towers as we realised that Joey appears to have grown a moustache. Well, he's trying to grow one.

A few years ago, Joey admitted he wasn’t into facial hair, saying: “When I grow a ‘tache it looks pathetic, like a bit of grass.”

He does have a point. It’s not exactly bushy and we think it makes he look like one of those young lads you see hanging around the park on a Saturday. You know, the ones wearing enough Lynx Africa to down a grown elephant…


Please shave Joey. You said it yourself, “I reckon girls like me with no stubble as I look cuter,” and we happen to agree.

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