JoJo’s making a COMEBACK! (Three times over)

Not one, not two, but THREE new singles!


by Hayley Kadrou |
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Remember JoJo? She made her way into our lives back in 2004 with her debut single, Leave (Get Out) – and it was a cracking tune. She then got more emosh with follow up single Too Little Too Late (another banger), and that was pretty much all we heard from her, thinking JoJo’s singing career was well and truly left in the Noughties.

But we were wrong. SO WRONG.


As it turns out, the 24 year old (that’s right, she was only FOURTEEN when her first single came out!) is back. The singer-songwriter has confirmed that she plans to release a trio of new singles in just one day.

She’s calling it a ‘tringle’ release strategy. Clever.

She posted a screengrab to Instagram of the ever-esteemed source,, letting her fans know the definition of ‘Tringle’:

“Definition of #TRINGLE 8.21.15”

Guns and cats? Leave the kitties out of it, JoJo. Also, that’s the 21st of August 2015 to us Brits.

The star has been working on her third album with Atlantic Records, after her long struggle to be released from her former record label, Blackground, who failed to help her bring out new music.

Remember this face?

She told Rolling Stones magazine in 2013 that: "They've stopped communicating with me, and they're unable to promote, market and distribute an album.

“I want to release an album with the support of a reputable company, one that has distribution, pays its bills and has respect in the business.

Dreams can come true, JoJo! Let’s hope it’s not Too Little Too Late.

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