Chloe Crowhurst and Jon Clark ARE BACK TOGETHER. FOR REALS.

We've got proof

Chloe Crowhurst

by A Jakes |
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TOWIE's Jon Clark and Chloe Crowhurstare back together DESPITE Chloe going on Love Island when they were appaz in a relationship and Jon not having the foggiest clue.

There is a hope for us all.

The pair got into a series of arguments after Chloe was dumped from the Island including when she went on a massive Twitter rant claiming Jon was abusive.

She wrote: 'You cheated on me numerous of times, then accused me to be the bitch, and try to make people feel sorry for you.'

'The reason I went on the show was to grow as a person, learn about myself and get away from someone who mentally abused me… I'm glad you're happy trying to make me feel worthless.'

And Jon's reply?

"Didn't take long did it… #GoAway."

Stick a fork in us, WE ARE DONE.

Now the pair have done a MASSIVE u-turn (a la Theresa May) and were spotted snogging in the ocean, with Chloe's legs wrapped around Jon's waist in one big massive declaration of LUST.

Chloe and Jon


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