Are Jon Clark and Chloe Ferry back ON?


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by Polly Foreman |
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Jon Clark and Chloe Ferry were up there with Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne and Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan on our list of fave unexpected celeb couples of the moment.

We’re suckers for a cross reality show romance, what can we say.

Back in July, they went on the datiest date we’ve ever seen. There was a candle, some drinks with lemon in them, they were holding hands, her hand was on his knee – it was a classic date, basically.

But heat were very sad to learn that they actually probably weren’t getting it on - Jon’s brother Chris Clark’s gf and TOWIE newbie Amber Dowding told us so.

She said: "I think they went but nothing more has come from it. I think they kind of had a date. And it was more sort of casual than it was anything else.”

There were also reports that Chloe had caught Jon texting another girl, which may explain the lack of date number two…

But it looks like things are looking up with the unexpected pair, as they’re apparently planning a super romantic trip (to the Sugar Hut, ofc).

A source told The Sun: "He’s invited Chloe to Essex for their next date so he can make it up to her and he’s promised to take her to a pie and mash shop and Sugar Hut so they can learn more about each other."


PLEASE make an appearance in TOWIE, Chloe. Now we come to think about it that’s literally all we need in our lives.

It would borderline be even more exciting than Cara De La Hodye and Nathan Massey going on the show.

The Love Island winners made their debut last night, and were a mega hit with viewers (of course).

Love Island Nathan and Cara

One tweeted: “Absolutely loving that Cara and Nathan are on towie. Hope this is a permanaenet thing. Love those two #TOWIE,” and another: “CAN Nathan and Cara be on TOWIE permanently, I loved them in love island @TOWIE.”

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