EOTB newbie Chanelle McLeary reckons Josh Ritchie ‘took advantage’ of Stephanie Davis

She's not a massive fan


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Last night's episode of Ex On The Beach will no doubt go down in the MTV history books as one of the most cray cray yet. And we're not even being dramatic.

In fact, Nicole Bass completely launching herself on Jaques Fraser's Ibiza-one-night-stand Frankie looks pretty tame compared to what you're about to witness.

Step forward Joshua Ritchie's ex Chanelle McLeary, a reality telly seasoned pro from Manchester.

Think Charlotte Dawson, but if Charlotte Dawson said 'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' a lot and burst out into fits of giggles every 2524.4 seconds.

Chanelle enters the villa looking for revenge on her 'no good' ex-bang Josh Ritchie, and she won't stop until she takes him down a peg or two.


The pair finally met in a hotel room after Josh 'hounded her on social media' and Chanelle admitted that she had to pay for the chinese takeaway because Josh had no money.

"The sex was shit, we could probably move past that, but he's just a cocky twat! I feel like if if I rocked up on the beach and even tried to be nice then he still would have tried to get under my skin. I don't have any remorse for what I did on the beach."

Chanelle, who met Josh before he was linked to Celebrity Big Brother's Stephanie Davis, also shared her thoughts on the whole 'who's the babydaddy scenario'. Josh was famously caught in the middle of Jeremy McConnell and Steph Davis after it was revealed that they had shared a night of passion. Oooooer.

Chanelle told us: "I feel for Steph, really, she just doesn't know what to do with herself. And unfortunately it's sexual predators like Josh Ritchie who will just come along and take advantage.

"The whole Jeremy Kyle 'who's the daddy situation' was a bit dramatic. Josh only fires blanks but imagine if he was the father! Imagine their little quiffs!"


We won't give anything away, but Josh isn't the only person in the villa who Chanelle clashed with.

Zahida Allen, who was happily shacked up with Sean before Chanelle's big entrance, was NOT a fan and things are still extremely tense between both girls, Chanelle even promised us that she will 'drop a bomb' about Sean and Zahida after the next episode airs.



"They're all dead nice to you one minute and then the next minute they'll just launch a drink in your face! You get mixed signals.

"Sean fancied me! He said I looked like his ex, brown hair big boobs. He talked some shit about Zahida behind her back and I think he was even waiting for one of his exes to come in so he could get away from her!"

Would she ever go back?

"Never say never. The world needs more of my laugh! I had fun and I just made the most of it. I wasn't fake and I just tried to bring a bit of happiness but it all backfired!"

Ex On The Beach is on Tuesdays at 10PM on MTV


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