What does Jupiter in retrograde mean for you?

A planet can predict our fate, right?


by Carl Smith |
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Here at heatworld we like to accept as little responsibility as is humanly possible for the consequences of our often-questionable actions. So thank God we now have a planet to blame for all our failures, eh?

Yup - we've all heard to term 'Mercury in retrograde' and understand how it inevitably f*cks with our lives a few times a year. But did you know that Jupiter (the one after Mars and before Saturn) is currently in retrograde and it might be affecting you WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING?

Well it is. And we're here to tell you exactly what this means for your immediate future. OOH and AAH.

Romeo and Juliet

We're not gonna lie, we're not the best when it comes to space and stuff (our knowledge extends to the order and Pluto's current status of dwarf planet), but apparently Jupiter's in retrograde for around 120 days offering us a time of reflection.

Starting yesterday (February 6th, date fans), DailyHoroscope.com reckons that Jupiter's retrograde means 'we'll spend much time looking inward and relying on our own personal wisdom. We'll draw on this to explore the growth and changes we feel we need to transform our lives and put us on the path toward becoming the people we really want to be.'

The down side? 'Jupiter can inspire those in its influence to overindulge a bit or even get caught up in a bit of blind optimism.'

So basically we're gonna eat shitloads more chocolate than we already do and further convince ourselves Ryan Gosling's our life partner. Wahey.


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