“I just don’t get chatted up”: Cinderella’s Lily James says she never gets approached

Stop being so modest, Lily


by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

Lily James, you’re either really modest, or just being nice for us mere mortals.

The Cinderella and Downton Abbey actress claims that she NEVER gets chatted up. Like, ever.

Luckily for Lily, she’s dating ex-Doctor Who, Matt Smith, so it’s not the end of the world. You know, Matt Smith, with the lovely face and hair and suits.

“I just don’t get chatted up,” she told The Sun.

We imagine that this is because Lily plays intimidatingly gorgeous fairy-tale characters, like Cinderella, and Lady Rose Alridge on Downton.

Men run off in a panic at a mere sighting of Lily; looking all goddess-like.

Lily also told the newspaper what she likes in a man. It seems she’s after the simple things in life: someone with hands.

“I mean, hold the door open,” she says. Oh, we think she means well-mannered men, then, because last time we looked Matt Smith had two arms and two hands, but you never know.

It’s going to be OK, Lily: we reckon you’ll survive, what with all those excellent film and TV roles coming your way.

Oh, and Matt Smith, did we mention she’s dating Matt Smith?

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