Justin Bieber apologises for awks Live Lounge session

Oh, Justin hun

Justin Bieber

by Polly Foreman |
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Poor old Justin Bieber is having a bit of a bloody time of it of late.

First there was his extremely public (and VERY 2016) feud with Selena Gomez in his Instagram comments. Essentially, he was mean to his fans for being mean about his new girlfriend Sofia Ritchie, and then Selena Gomez was mean to Justin Bieber for being mean to his fans.

It was a mess, basically.

And he DELETED his Instagram.

But he then rejoined it with his lovely dog Todd, so all’s well.

Then there was his V Festival performance, which was apparently a lip syncing, hungover disaster. TBF, we can’t think of ANYTHING worse than playing V Festival on a hangover.

AND THEN, as if things couldn’t get any worse, his actual card got declined in Subway.

He was apparently attempting to buy a sandwich from the shop in West Hollywood, when the disaster happened.

We've all been there, Justin hun.

But we’re usually forced to shuffle red-faced out of the store while the shop assistant scowls as us.

But when it happens to Justin, an excited fan is on hand to eagerly foot the bill and tell the world about it.


The lucky person treated him to a foot-long sandwich, four milk bottles and some cookies, a source told the Daily Mail.

AND THEN, he went on Radio 1 and did a Live Lounge that one tweeter described as “the most awkward thing ever.”

So not a great response, basically.

But he put it down to nerves (which is fair enough, people), tweeting: “I don't usually get nervous but tonight I was thrown off and I was. Sorry about that. Really wanted to be my best. Hope u all had fun.”

He played stripped down versions of his songs What Do You Mean?, Love Yourself and Cold Water, as well as a cover of Tract Chapman's Fast Car and, our personal favorite, 2Pac’s Thugz.

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