Justin Bieber defends his dreadlocks: ‘It’s just my hair’

Is it though?


by Heat |

Justin Bieber revealed a pretty major hair transformation the other day and it pretty much divided the whole nation. Why Biebs, why?


Many were quick to take to Twitter to slam his new dreadlock hairstyle as culturally inappropriate. Which is fair enough. There’s been think- pieces, endless articles and so many accusations of cultural appropriation.

But the Biebs has continued to debut his new dreadlocks all over Instagram and it doesn’t seem like he's fazed by the furore he’s caused.

There’s yet to be a apologetic tweet, lengthy Instagram caption or Facebook post from the Biebs - which he normally posts if he’s rubbed people up the wrong way. It’s quite strange, especially as Justin IS on tour, reigniting his renaissance and has pissed quite a few of his fans off already for cancelling his meet and greets.

Justin reportedly told Big Sean at the IHeartRadio music awards that he wasn't bovvered about all the cultural appropriation claims.

"People say] you wanna be black and all that stuff, I’m like it’s just my hair." he reportedly said.

His fans are even wading in, commenting on the fact that black hairstyles are more than a fashion statement and cannot be appropriated.


Justin joins a pretty long line of people who have been accused of cultural appropriation, a line that includes The Kardashians - especially Kylie Jenner.

It should be remembered that he practically jumped to Kylie Jenner’s defence when Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg had her say on a picture of Kylie wearing cornrows.


So he's clearly got a lot to say on the matter.

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