Justin Bieber’s ex-neighbour speaks out about how he made her life a “misery”

Justin Bieber

by Sophie Bronstein |

In 2014 the Biebs got into a bit of trouble with his neighbours after egging their house, and had to pay one of them a reported $80,000 in damages.

But even though we thought it might've just been the star letting the fame get to his head, a former neighbour has now spoken out about how problematic Justin was to live around as a child.

An ex-neighbour has said that JB made her life a "misery" and that he was always a troublemaker, even before he was famous - as reported by the Mail Online.

Justin lived with his grandparents Bruce and Diane in Ontario as a child after his single mother Pattie was struggling to cope on her own.

A neighbour of Biebs' at the time has spoken out about him being a complete tearaway, saying "There's nothing good I can say about him. I'm just so glad he is gone. He was always throwing pears into our pool. He'd scare our cat. We used to phoned other locals when he was out saying "Be careful, Justin is outside"".

She then continued; "There is an apartment block nearby and he'd ring all the buzzers to get the residents to open their doors. My house was egged three times by that kid. If we went on holiday he'd play games on my lawn. After one winter we found 16 of his ice hockey pucks there. He'd play basketball on the lawn and trample on the plants. There was never a sorry. If there was mischief to be had, he'd have it. He'd make our life a misery. His mom couldn't really control him. She had the brain of a ten year old". AWKWARD.

She then added "When I'd confront her, she would defend him saying things like, "If Justin says he didn't throw pears in the pool, he didn't throw pears in the pool because he never lies. I'd look at her like she was on a different planet. She couldn't control him".

The ex neighbour then said that the problem totally worsened once Bieber found fame as a teenager. She said that fans would fill the streets by their home, singing his hit "baby".

She said; "they'd sing and yell at hime to come out. One time he was there with Selena Gomez and he didn't want her to go out but she did, to say hi to all the fans. I'm glad to see the back of him. I hope he never comes back".

We did always assume that the Biebs wasn't an angel, but we certainly thought that that fresh faced young lad that came onto the scene all of those years ago MUST have been a good boy at least ONCE!

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