Justin Bieber’s fan bought him a Subway after his card got declined

U OK hun?

Justin Bieber

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Of all the people we'd love to treat to a Subway, Justin Bieber is pretty high up the list - that's the kind of pub story that will last a lifetime. Plus, we've kind of been Beliebers since he released that chain of absolute bangers.


And for one lucky fan, this bizarre situation became a reality.

Justin was apparently attempting to buy a sandwich from the shop in West Hollywood, but his card got declined.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

We've all been there, Justin hun.

When this disastrous situation happens to us, we’re usually forced to shuffle red-faced out of the store while the shop assistant scowls as us disapprovingly.

But when it happens to Justin, an excited fan is on hand to eagerly foot the bill and tell the world about it.


The lucky person treated him to a foot-long sandwich, four milk bottles and some cookies, a source told the Daily Mail.

Reminds us of the time Adele's card got declined in H&M. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

We don't know for sure, but we imagine these two have approx 29949292 million in the bank.

After Justin Bieber did an apaz pretty terrible V Festival performance, we were delighted to see he'd re-joined Instagram. If you missed why he left, you can catch up here. It's a long'un. (Essentially, Justin Bieber was mean to his fans for being mean about his new girlfriend Sofia Ritchie, and then Selena Gomez was mean to Justin Bieber for being mean to his fans.)

It was a mess, basically.

But it's all gonna be OK, because he's back with an absolutely LOVELY new dog.

AND HIS NAME IS TODD. He posted a piccy of Todd with the caption: "Are you even real, what are you?"

We feel the same way.

Todd has predictably already racked up 25,000 followers with only one picture.

We wish we were Todd :(.

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