Justin Bieber gets pensive on Instagram posing in caves, up trees and stuff

Three days ago Biebz got pulled over in his Ferrari for speeding.

Justin Bieber

by Maria Vallahis |

It seems Justin Bieber has taken some time to slow things down with his life, after being pulled over in his Ferrari over the weekend.

The *What Do You Mean? *singer was stopped by police on Saturday for speeding and has now posted a series of rather pensive snaps to his Instagram.

Biebz enjoyed all of what mother nature has to offer at the Santa Monica mountains - posing up a tree, standing in water, balancing on big rocks and leaning forward up a very tall ladder. Be careful up there, Justin.


The 21-year-old went on an Insta-spree sharing all these glorious shots of himself glaring at sunsets and hills. What we want to know is, Who took all the pictures?

And of course this was a perfect opportunity for Bieber to get topless - which we don't mind.

It seems something's happened to the YouTube phenomenon over the weekend. Some sort of transition into a calmer relaxed, crying Bieber?

At the MTV VMAs on Sunday night Justin cried on stage. Yes, actual tears.

Let's have a little reminder #Throwback - remember when JB pissed in a mop bucket? - We just thought we'd throw that in because all the above mushyness is too much for us.


Justin Biber gets pensive on Instagram

Bieber 1
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Watch out for the fishies, Justin.

Bieber 2
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Did someone tell Bieber about the biting ants? Too late, all up in his hair now.

Bieber 3
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More ants. This time in Bieber's pants.

bieber 4
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We're a little too distracted by Justin's torso to think how he got up on that big rock.

Bieber 5
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No Justin, you are not Simba.

Bieber 6
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"We all fly" - what Biebz captioned this Insta-shot. Yes, until you fall JB. Be careful up there.

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