Justin Bieber is a “good kisser”, appaz…

Pucker up!


by Ellen Kerry |
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Ever wondered what it would be like to snog Justin Bieber’s actual mouth? Not a poster, or his picture on your Instagram feed. IRL snogging with Senor Beibs. Well, we now know thanks to a loose-lipped lady called Xenia Deli…

The 25-year-old model appears in the video for 21-year-old Bieber’s latest single What Do You Mean where she spends some time having to lock lips with the blonde crooner. Tough job, eh?

When asked about the songfest, Xenia said, “Imagine that, if we were going into a corner and practicing, but no. We were on set, and we had been talking for a little bit, and we knew that this was our job, so we just did it. The first scene we filmed was when I was lying on the bed, and he was singing - we did that for a pretty long time. We had been talking in between shots and getting to know each other better, so it wasn't that weird when it came time to make out. But we had to make out a lot. We were trying it from different angles a lot of times.”

They had to ‘tache on “a lot”. Cue the sound of a million Bieber fans hearts cracking. And those fans are not to be messed with as poor Xenia found out when she started receiving negative messages from them.

Xenia told Harper’s Bazaar, “There have been so many negative comments. I wasn't expecting this reaction - I thought everyone would be excited! I can't do anything about it though. It's not about me. Whatever they do, it doesn't say anything about me, it says more about them. But I just want to say, I didn't do anything wrong, I was just doing my job. I'm not taking Justin away from his fans. I'm so sensitive to what people think about me, so I just stopped reading the comments.”

Yikes. We’re curious about how soft J-dawg’s lips are but not THAT curious…

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