Justin Bieber’s mum proves she’s not that happy about his quick engagement to Hailey Baldwin


by Sophie Bronstein |
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Justin Bieber recently proposed to short-term beau Hailey Baldwin, and while fans were sent into a frenzy of congratulations, it looks like his mum may have different views.

After fans spotted a few odd things on her Twitter profile, it would appear that maybe his mum isn't 100% on board with the engagement.

The 24-year-old popped the question to model Hailey while they were on holiday in The Bahamas.

And before the pair got engaged, Pattie Mallette, Justin's mum, had a Twitter bio that read: "Yes, Justin Bieber is my son. I have many other great qualities besides being his mom haha! No really. #LoveWins #LOVEARMY."

But just a few weeks later, the message has now been update to remove every reference to her son that their once was. Now, it reads: “#LoveWins #LOVEARMY.”

Although this could have nothing to do with the pair's speedy engagement whatsoever, fans are speculating whether it's been changed because of how Pattie really feels towards her son's situation.

Pattie also liked a tweet from former Bachelor star Sean Lowe, that throws shade at people who get married too quickly.

It said: "Before proposing to a woman they've only known for a few weeks, I think the final guys on The Bachelorette should come help me scrub my kid's diarrhea out of my living room rug just to make sure they're serious about the whole "I want a family with you" thing."

We reckon if Pattie was asked her opinion, she may have a thing or two to say on the matter!

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