Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law (again)

Another prison mugshot circa 2014?

Justin Bieber drinking a massive bottle of Champers

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Justin Bieber may not be able to eat a chicken sandwich in peace, nor would he worry about not having enough people to invite to his party (EVER. CAN WE COME?) but it turns out, JB isn't completely immune to normal civilian rules.

The Purpose warbler was spotted on his phone (on purpose?! jk) whilst driving through Beverley Hills and he stopped by police and given a ticket. It was unclear of what he was actually doing, whether he was texting, Snapchatting or doing another one of his brilliantly entertaining Instagram Lives.

Though of course, there is a time and a place.

Police told TMZ that Biebs was 'calm and cooperative' and 'took his ticket and moved on without further incident.'

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is very proud of his journey from his wild 2014 days

This of course, is miles away from Justin's arrest in 2014 for driving a rented yellow Lamborghini through a residential town of Miami Beach. He had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was reportedly was sentenced to 12 hours of anger management classes.

Should Justin be showing a better example or is just a sign that he is ACTUAL HUMAN? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.

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