Justin Bieber’s monkey was so ill “he needed intensive care” after the singer abandoned him

The star left the pet in Germany when he couldn't produce the correct paperwork


by Owen Tonks |
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Justin Bieber's pet monkey was in such a bad state after he abandoned him the creature needed intensive care.

A zookeeper has claimed they were not sure if the endangered capuchin monkey would pull through after it was confiscated from him in Germany in March.

Animal worker Jenny Niawoehner told MailOnline: “I would not like to meet Justin Bieber because I would not have nice things to say to him.

“Mally was frightened [when he arrived], he was alone, he was disoriented and we did not know how things would work out for him. He needed to be cared for constantly.”

The creature was taken from Justin by authorities when he arrived in Germany earlier this year because he did not have the correct paperwork.

The singer never returned to collect him and his management allegedly didn’t send the documents needed.

A spokeswoman for the Hodenhagen Serengeti Wildlife Park, where Mally now lives, said: “It simply never arrived, despite several promises. We can only assume the monkey was not acquired legally. We have never heard from, or seen Justin Bieber ever since and we do not expect to.


“Mally is now the property of the Federal German Government and is happy here.”

Jenny added: “Mally needed to be cared for constantly and from the way he reacted here, I believe that Justin Bieber probably only ever interacted with him when he wanted to have his picture taken with a fan.

“I am sure that for the rest of the time he was passed around his entourage when he needed constant contact with a parent figure.

“From the way he behaved, I could see that was not the case. These are clever, sensitive creatures. He would probably recognise Bieber if he ever came to visit him. But what would he think of him?”

The attack comes after it emerged this week that Justin and his father Jeremy allegedly abandoned their pet puppy with their dog trainer after throwing it off a second floor balcony.

Jeremy denied this happened and claimed the dog was taken by the trainer but he says he took the pup for its own safety.

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