Justin Bieber’s ‘unretouched’ Calvin Klein picture suggests he’s had a massive PENIS ENLARGEMENT

And added sexy hunchback...


by Owen Tonks |
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Right, we don’t like to admit this but we’ve spent A LOT of time looking at the pictures of Justin Bieber from his Calvin Klein campaign. All in the name of work, of course.

But right from our first double take, something just didn’t seem right – there’s his inflated pants, bulging biceps, massive man-pecs, sexy six-pack and rather weird hunchback.

Well, it seems our suspicions were right as a picture from the shoot, which BreatheHeavy.com claims is unretouched, apparently proves the pop brat has had a massive PENIS ENLARGEMENT (amongst other things).

Here we present you with a gif to devour with the balls in your head called eyes.



It compares what is apparently the little scamp’s normal body to his seemingly new manly beefcake-ness and it’s clear to see there is a BIG difference.

Justin, who is rumoured to have hit on MARRIED model and Calvin Klein co-star Lara Stone on the set of the shoot, claims he works out hard with a personal trainer but surely that doesn’t increase the size of his peen?

In addition to some extra pants padding, it seems the Bieb’s pecs, biceps and quads have been pumped up and for some reason he’s been given a strange hunchback. SECSHY!

Is this really the unretouched pic of La Biebs? You decide…

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