‘Justin Bieber started throwing red peppers at me on stage’, says singer Bluey Robinson

Justin Bieber's support act Bluey Robinson tells us about the time Bieber invaded the stage and pelted him with peppers


by Selina Maycock |
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When you’re on tour with Justin Bieber you surely have to be prepared for pranks, but solo singer Bluey Robinson says he was actually caught off-guard by the star’s mischief.

He’s shared the stage with Jay-Z but his best accolade is supporting Bieber on his European tour in 2011, after Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun saw some of his YouTube videos online.

In an exclusive chat with heat, Bluey said: “Justin was still kind of finding his feet in it all [fame]. He was a bit of a prankster – on my very last performance, in Milan, I was doing my song Showgirl, it was going well and all of a sudden it went up a new level, only to see that he’d run onstage behind me in a vest and trousers – like half his stage outfit – with all his camera crew and started throwing red peppers at me.

“I don’t know why red peppers, I think they just picked up anything from the canteen. Then he came out and gave me a hug like, ‘It was your last show man, we couldn’t let you go without pranking you!’ but it made me feel nice it was special. That was funny.”

Singer Bluey Robinson performing his live set

And on the last day of the European tour, Bluey recalls: “We all went out partying, all the dancers and everyone. It was late, it was in Milan, there was a lot of fans outside, it was crazy. Justin was dancing, shaking a leg and then he was like, ‘Hey man, take my number’. I was only initially only supposed to do the UK tour and then they asked if I could stay on. “He liked my music a lot and I guess that’s why he asked me to stay on and do the rest of the tour.

“He was a nice guy, so sometimes when people are slating him I try to defend him a little bit. He liked to play games but he just so happens to have all these eyes on him so whatever crazy things he might do is just blasted all over the airways. So I guess now he’s at a point where he’s a little bit rebellious.”

“I’m still cool with a lot of the dancers and I know that if I saw him we’d be just as cool as ever but, he’s got his own journey and I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

Bluey Robinson is the face of Mossimo

Speaking about his new single Body Rock, which is produced by Raff Riley (who’s worked with Etta Bond), Bluey said: “The verse is a kind of moody, groovy, bass heavy; I’d say a little bit deep and dark in a sense but groovy at the same time. And then the chorus is like funky, very 80s influenced with like synths and that kind of funk vibe. It’s kind of eclectic, it’s a mix but it’s a good vibe – I like it!”

Bluey’s new single, Body Rock is available to download soon. Bluey is also the face of Mossimo. Mossimo is stocked at Blue Inc stores.

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