Justin Bieber is being SUED for $1 million by the neighbour whose house he egged – over alleged anti-Semitic comments made by his bodyguard

There’s no end of trouble for Biebs, seemingly

Justin Bieber

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Remember when Justin Beiber egged his neighbour’s house? We do, because it was SO UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.

However things have now taken a very serious turn with his neighbour, Jeff Schwarz, who claims that Justin’s bodyguard made anti-Semitic remarks towards him.

Jeff is now suing the bratty pop star for $1 million – that’s £688,762. Pretty serious, then.

And we’d though that Justin’s comedy “roast” signalled the end of a new era of mature and polite behaviour by Biebs and his crew, or something.

It’s not the first time that Justin has been at the centre of a race row – a video showing him using the N-word emerged last year, too – though the new allegations are against Justin’s bodyguard and not him.

Jeff Schwartz alleges that the comments were made in May 2013 and caused him “emotional stress”.

Justin’s lawyers strongly deny the allegations.

We’ll keep you updated on this one.

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