Justin Bieber is a ‘transgendered man who regrets chopping off his breasts’ – eh?!

Someone actually believes this is true...


by Owen Tonks |
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As we were leisurely browsing the interwebz this afternoon, some words were thrust into our eyes that made us go: “Gwoh?!”

Apparently Justin Bieber is actually transgender and regrets cutting off his breasts.


    Stranger things have happened in the world and, although we’re pretty sure this claim is completely false, Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, New York seems to think it’s true and has even made a video about it.

    In the YouTube clip, he says: “These young girls, if we don’t stand, can be led to cut off their breasts once they get into puberty.

    “They can be led to have operations like Justin Bieber. They can think the best choice in life is to cut off their breasts.”

    Hokay, then. Well, considering Justin released his debut album when he was 15 and was putting music videos on YouTube before then, and DEFINITELY didn’t have boobs back then, he must have made this decision at a very young age.


    Anyway, the pastor went on: “By the time they reach the age of 20 years old, they look and say, ‘I wish I had never cut off my breasts, I wish I had never mutilated my flesh, I wish I had never cut off my penis, I wish I had never done that, I was just young.’

    “I will not as a pastor allow that to be said by any child that’s under my leadership.

    “I will chase every sodomite, I will chase every lesbo, I will chase every political leader with the power of God, with the chariots of fire, that these children be not misled by people in congregations and people in business or politics like Obama.

    “They’re influencing these children to throw their lives away the way Justin Bieber threw his life away, and then 20 years old, can’t grow their breasts back. We need to wake the hell up.”

    Wow! Maybe it's Mr Manning who needs to wake up from whatever strange dream he's having?

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