Is Justin Bieber’s new leaked song Perfect Together about Selena Gomez?

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It's a very soppy, RnB love song and it could be about Selena Gomez, but to be fair to Justin Bieber, his new leaked song Perfect Together is surely about a new lover?

Although the track, which surfaced online yesterday, is filled with a few clues implying his on/off relationship with Selena, a few versions of the songs seem to suggest a new relationship is on the horizon.


Fans heard these lyrics and assumed it was about Selena: "I know I’m not perfect sometimes, I know you’re not perfect sometimes, but even when it’s wrong it feels right. ‘Cause we’re perfect together, perfect together, perfect together, perfect together.

"It’s amazing, so amazing, that we are still here. Cause we’re changing, rearranging But I still see you clearly."

A contemplative Bieber picture posted on his Instagram.

Despite our reluctant stance to believe it's about Sel - fans are team Jelena and maintain their faith for the pair as a couple.

JB and Selena recently reunited at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on July 11 - despite Justin proclaiming he's now single.

But perhaps this meet-up was a chance for Selena to smooth things over with Justin and admit she's dating Ed Sheeran!

Selena and Ed were spotted on a date in a posh LA restaurant.

Fans saw them eating at Wokcano in Santa Monica, LA, on 25 June, and the next night, they turned up to Tori Kelly’s album launch party in West Hollywood, hung out together all night, then left in the same car and drove to a 7-Eleven for snacks.

Jordan Marshall, who was sat next to them at Wokano, tells heat about their romantic dinner. “They were there before I was, and were still there when I left,” she says. “They ordered multiple plates of sushi and edamame. They shared a bottle of red wine and seemed to be happy, because they were talking the whole time. The waiter even dropped one of their sushi plates on the floor and Ed was very cool about it and was helping pick 
it up. Selena seemed to 
be leaning in towards Ed.”

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