Kady McDermott: who is the former Love Islander and is she still with Myles Barnett?

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by Marianna Manson |

Earlier this month, former Love Islander Kady McDermott confirmed suspicions that she is no longer dating TOWIE star Myles Barnett.

Thing is, it's been five years since Kady first popped up on our screens in the famous Love Island villa and, for that matter, it's been two years since Myles was axed from TOWIE, so let's have a bit of a catch up about these ever-relevant reality stars, eh?

Who is Kady McDermott’s ex-boyfriend Myles Barnett?

Kady began dating TOWIE star Myles Barnett three years ago, shortly after he split from fellow cast member Courtney Green.

The couple announced their relationship with a VERY public snog just weeks after Myles and Courtney split over cheating allegations.

“No one can deny that Kady and Myles make a great couple and they’re both definitely each other’s types.

“It’s still early days but they have been enjoying spending time together and there’s most certainly a spark between them.

“There’s even been talk of Kady filming scenes for the upcoming series of TOWIE as her coming face-to-face with his ex-Courtney would make brilliant TV.

“Viewers loved watching Kady during her season of Love Island and would adore to see her return to another reality show,” a source told The Sun at the time.

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When was Kady McDermott on TOWIE?

Needless to say, just two short months later – in September 2018 – Kady was confirmed to be joining the cast of TOWIE, just a few days after Courtney exclusively told Closer, "She doesn’t really know anyone on the show. There’s not a lot of relevance.”


A telly source told the publication, “There was always a chance Kady could film for the show after it was revealed her and Myles were dating – and now she’s actually done it.

“It has been a very emotional experience for Courtney, who thought she was finally over the worst of it with Myles.

“But now it’s become even more difficult for her to move on after having to confront the issue of Myles dating Kady in front of the cameras.”

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Did Myles Barnett and Kady McDermott break up?

Everyone in the world of reality TV knows that conducting a relationship in front of the nation isn’t always easy, and less than a year after joining the TOWIE cast, Kady and Myles announced their split, shortly after both stepping back from the show.

Then - plot twist - the pair rekindled their love in 2019 while refurbishing the St. Albans bungalow they purchased together but, in 2020, the couple called their relationship quits again... only to get back together later that year.

They've now broken up a third time in 2021, but Kady hasn't deleted all the archives of her relationship with Myles from Instagram yet, so we'll be watching this space, folks.

Were Myles Barnett and Kady McDermott engaged?

WELL. After reconciling in 2019, fans took to social media to congratulate the couple after many interpreted a cryptic post as an engagement announcement.

But despite it transpiring not to be true at the time, more recently Kady hinted she was expecting a proposal, telling OK! magazine in December, "If we were getting on now, properly for two years, not 2021 but like 2022 that would be ideal to get engaged.

"But that's only if we're really really good for the next two years and really strong."

Uh oh...

How old is Kady McDermott?

Despite having been in the public eye for what seems like forever, Kady is only 25 years old.

Where is Kady McDermott from?

Kady is from a small town not far outside London called Stevenage.

When was Kady McDermott on Love Island?

Kady McDermott first rose to public consciousness when she joined the cast of the second series of Love Island in 2016. It was the series that found love for Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey AND Alex and Olivia Bowen, but sadly, Kady's relationship with Scott Thomas - brother of Corrie's Ryan Thomas and twin of Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas - only lasted a year after they left the villa, ending in 2017 amid assault allegations.

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What happened with Kady McDermott and Amber Turner?

After Kady and Myles got together and she joined the TOWIE cast, things - unsurprisingly - turned pretty ugly, pretty quickly.

Amber Turner - best friend of Chloe Green, Myles' thwarted lover - was quick to defend her pal resulting into a heated on-screen row where Myles called Amber "a dirty tramp".

Following the (not all together undeserved) backlash from fans, Kady gave her two pence on the matter, saying "And for the negative I just simply ignore because they are irrelevant to my life. I’ve just had to say one thing though, no matter who’s ‘side’ you’re on or who you think is ‘right or wrong’ there is no need to EVER comment on someone’s look/appearance."

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