Kanye lost ALL his Life Of Pablo work when North West dropped his phone down the loo

In today's toilet-themed Kimye news…

kanye west north west

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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In a new clip circling the internet right about now, Kim Kardashian tells a story about how Kanye West lost all his Life Of Pablo lyrics when the iPhone he was storing them on went missing.

Where did they go? Literally down the toilet.

Who was the culprit? None other than his OWN DAUGHTER, North West. Maybe she's just not a fan?

kanye west north west

And guess what, the superstar rapper - who values his creativity above ALL else – hadn't even backed the thing up. ALWAYS BACK-UP, KANYE. ALWAYS.

The clip is part of a new teaser for the season finale of Kocktails With Khloe, in which we find Kim and Kanye hanging out with Instagram's fave couple and new parents themselves, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

This little gathering looks like any other double date, apart from the fact that it's four of the world's most famous people. Sadly, though, their celebrity creds don't translate to onscreen chemistry and they looked bored as shit.

Until, that is, Kim interrupts the awkward encounter with her bog story, which she delivers with her usual deadpan delight.

kanye west north west

And hang on a minute, this reminds us of another recent Kim Kardashian story…The One Where She Had Sex In An Aeroplane Toilet. What is it with Kim and toilets?!

Anyway. Back to THIS bog story. Apparently, Kanye rushed his phone to four different places to get it fixed… Because this is Life Of Pablo we're talking here, and one simply does not just buy a new iPhone with one's multi-million-dollar wealth when Kanye's creativity is at stake.

But guess what?

(You know what, because we've all flushed a phone down the toilet at some point, and no, the rice trick doesn't work)

No one could fix it!

Or as Kanye more eloquently put it: "No Apple Genius was genius enough."

B-d-boom-sccchhhhh. Nice one, Kanye. That's why they pay you the big bucks!

Kim continues: "And" – this is the real bombshell – "he didn't even get mad."

Maybe he didn't get mad because, like North West, he didn't really rate his lyrics either…

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