Kanye West believes daughter North’s name is “innovative and fresh”


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Listen. None of us thought much of the name North West when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s first baby arrived. But after two years, we’re used to it.

But apparently people are still being mean about the 23 month old’s name, which Kayne West just ain’t cool about.

The rapper – who is expecting his second child with wife Kim Kardashian – hates it when people describe North's moniker as "weird", and thinks the world is "ugly" because there is so much criticism of those that don't conform.

He said: "Ya'll be calling my daughter's name weird, like, her name should be like some name that you've heard before and all that. I don't like to say that it's weird when it's innovative and fresh.

"Like I hate that, like, creatives are beat down so much and are put in a position where they can't even speak out loud, that's the reason why the world be ugly, because there's millions of beautiful colours in the world but the world is only controlled by one colour."

Though Kanye says he can't defend himself against all criticism, he insists he is "brave" enough to take the "hit" on behalf of all creatives but thinks he is attacked unfairly as he gives so much to the world.

Speaking to Hot 97fm, he said: "I'm in my own zone. I can't walk around trying to defend myself, chime in on everything.

"I fight for the people who see those colours, who understand it, and I take the hit constantly. I have the bravery to take the hit, people to call me names, call wife names, call my daughter...

"We take the hit, but when it's said and done if you look at the past 10 years, have I contributed more or took away more from the world? From music, from stage design, or just from wearing dope ass coats at the airport?"

Kanye, Kim and North
Kanye, Kim and North

And though he is a regular feature in the media for more than just his music, Kanye insists he actually leads a very "boring" life.

He said: "I'm completely boring, actually. I don't want to kill the blogs and media stakeout and stuff, but I'm so boring. All I do is go to the studio everyday."

Saying that, Kanye has said he’s ready to take a break from the spotlight to focus on his family and "recharge" before he makes new music.

He said: "I gotta focus on the kids, I gotta take them to tap class and all types of gym class.

"I really wanna go away, like I been doing a lot of features, right now I just want to take some time to focus on my album, my next collection and North's birthday.

"Just focus on my family and then be able to recharge and re-energise and bring something of value."

Better get recharged fast, buddy – that second kid will be here before you know it…


14 pictures of North West commanding the camera like an absolute pro

north-west11 of 13


"Hello, lowly subjects. I'm North West. And I'm the best baby in the world. Go on, look at my chubby cheeks and tiny fingers. Aren't I just the cutest? Now shut up and take my picture."

north-west22 of 13


"This is my dad. He's got a silly name which I can't pronounce because I'm still very much a baby. He likes the sound of his own voice but he's quite good at jiggling me up in the air until I'm sick on his head. The Mum laughs and Dad gets cross."

north-west33 of 13


"Sometimes when I have a bad hair day I command Mum to make me look like a baby chick. She loves it. Look at her - she can't keep her hands off my button nose."

north-west44 of 13


"Here's me about to show Mum just why she shouldn't trust gravity minutes after feeding me."

north-west55 of 13


"Mum and Dad got dressed up all silly today and Granny Kris kept crying and Auntie Khloe drank too much of Mum's Mummy Juice and fell over. It was fun, even when I had a nappy accident in my white dress. Actually, that was the best bit."

north-west66 of 13


"This is me with some peasants who came to wish me a happy first birthday. I don't know what was in that cake, but I knew I wanted to wear it in my hair."

north-west77 of 13


"Stand over there, man, and don't get your germs on my adorable face."

north-west88 of 13


"Someone tried to tell me Blue Ivy was cuter than me. I sneezed in their face. That'll learn 'em."

north-west99 of 13


"I was all set to go to the gym but then Mum showed up in this frankly unacceptable top and I made her go and get changed."

north-west1010 of 13


God, I hate when my staff can't get their s**t together. Where's my goddamn car? I refuse to be carried one step further."

north-west1111 of 13


"This is the day Dad took me to the place he called a Stoo-dee-O. I didn't really understand what it was for because all Dad did was play me some of his music. Didn't think much of it TBH - I much prefer Twinkle Twinkle."

north-west1212 of 13


"Mum dressed us in matching outfits today. Soooo cringeworthy. It's alright though - I smushed some banana onto her top during lunch so she had to go and change. That'll teach her - get your own style, Mum!"

north-west1313 of 13


"Me and Dad reeeeeally wanted to go to soft-play but Mum said Granny Kris was coming over and Dad said something under his breath that sounded like, "For God's sake why did you ever give her that spare key" and Mum said, "What did you say?" and Dad said, "Nothing, darling!" and Mum said, "Humph" and anyway we ended up not going to soft-play."

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