This picture of Kanye West and Brooklyn Beckham made us laugh so much

When Kanye smiles, the angels sing

kanye west smiling

by Heat |

Some things will always be true. Water will always be wet. The grass will always be green. And Kanye West doing a really big smile will always make us inexplicably happy.

Brooklyn Beckham posted a pic with the rapper on his Insta after running into Kanye at Kobe Bryant's last NBA game. And while Brooklyn went for the more sultry smirk, Kanye threw caution to the wind and just did a big Kanye happy smiley smile.

Look at him. Regardless of any thing he has ever said, done or worn (the least offensive of the three, sure, but still often upsetting) you can't fail to enjoy that big stupid grin plastered across his face. Happy Kanye.

Bonus Happy Kanye round: the closer you get the better it is.

kanye west smiling

And the more you look at it, the happier you become. Someone should publish a self-help book that's just loads of pictures of Kanye smiling.

The more we think of that, the more we're convinced that's an excellent idea. To celebrate our inevitable book deal, here's a bonus Kanye smile from a while back. An oldie, but a goodie. An eyes-closed goodie.

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