Kanye West plays surprise DJ set in London!

Kanye West surprises fans in London by playing DJ set in Soho.


by Ellie Henman |
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Kanye West is hanging around in London at the moment and yesterday he dropped into a pop-up show (at tattoo parlour One By One in Soho) and decided to play some tracks off his new album.

According to someone at the event – which was held by Katie Eary who designed his first collection – the rapper played to 15 customers and some bemused people walking past.

“Kanye just breezed in off the street for the show and was chatting to everybody inside,” an insider told* the Mirror*.

Ooh, look! Super-snazzy Oscars news:

“He’d brought his music with him and at about 2pm he ended up DJ-ing for about an hour and dropped loads of tracks we hadn’t heard before. He just walked up to the DJ, took over from him and switched all the lights off at the back of the shop.

“At one point he was out front, dancing to his own music and everyone else joined in. People were walking in and out of the shop and half of them didn’t even believe it was Kanye. Everyone was so shocked.”

Our jaws would have dropped.

Right, everyone – you are officially on Kanye watch.

If you see him – please get in touch! Or take a picture of him and send it into our snapped section and you could bag yourself £200! (Just email your picture and name to heat@heatmag.com).


Kanye West actually smiling

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Like a rare moonbeam

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The 'Got This In Oxfam Wolverhampton For A Tenner Didn't I'

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The 'She's There, Isn't She Honey? She's Right There Listening To Me, Isn't She. Holy F***.'

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