Kanye West reveals the title of upcoming album

CLUE: It’s religion themed


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Kanye West has announced the name of his upcoming album via Twitter.

The controversial rapper has revealed that his new album is called drumroll So Help Me God.

The 37-year-old tweeted the name of the album along with what is believed to be the album artwork.

The cover is thought to be a Catholic symbol for the Virgin Mary. Pretty controversial, no?

Kanye garnered both criticism and praise for his performance at the BRITs.

Kanye with wife Kim Kardashian
Kanye with wife Kim Kardashian

Mr Kim Kardashian used flame throwers onstage before dropping the ’N’ word several times, prompting ITV to cut the sound out for most of the performance.

Kanye had yet another awkward moment when he declined chat show host Jonathan Ross’s advances for a chat, choosing to storm off stage in a huff.

Oh, Kanye. When will you learn?

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