Kara Marni’s rework of Angie Stone’s Wish I Didn’t Miss You is literally everything

Full-on goosebumps, pal

Kara Marni

by Carl Smith |
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When we sing in the shower, the output resembes that of a cackle of hyenas taking on Barbie Girl. Neighbours have literally threatened calling the authorities.

So how, we ask you, is it fair that Kara Marni's vocal chops sound like a choir of oh-so-harmonious angels descended from the heavens?

As you might be aware by now, we're bloody obsessed with the girl. Her reworking of Sade's No Ordinary Love's been on repeat for months; and now she's back with her 2017 take on Angie Stone's Wish I Didn't Miss You.

Showing off her love of late '90s/early noughties R&B, Kara's switched up Angie's 2001 track and given us VOCALS. FOR. DAYS.

D'ya know what? If you look-up 'sass' in the dictionary this very song's the definition. An absolute break-up anthem that's half 'oh Christ I wish you were still around', half 'EFF OFF 'CAUSE KARMA'S REAL, BOO'.

The production's what can only be described as poppin', Kara's voice is unreal and you can listen over here on Spotify. There's even a snazzy acoustic version to treat your earholes to.

IMAGINE how brilliant the original music's gonna be.


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