The Kardashian Christmas party looks just like your Christmas party

The Kardashian's have turned their home into an incredible sparkling grotto

kendall jenner

by Heat |

Heavy sarcasm aside, Kendall Jenner shared a snap on instagram of Kris Jenner's world famous (sort of) Christmas party, where the Kardashian mansion has been transformed into a festive grotto. Pretty much looks exactly the same as our Christmas party, don't know about you.

Everyone gets those life-sized nutcrackers and that tree is a bit on the small side, amiright? Kris reportedly meets with the team who transform her house into a sparkling fairyland months in advance, to decide on themes, party favours and the general decor. This year, I think we can all agree, she's nailed it.

'Christmas Eve is one of my family's biggest nights of the year,’ Kris told the Oprah Winfrey Network last year. ‘We look forward to it all year long, and it's magical. I've been having the same Christmas Eve party since I was 22 years old. It's the one night that we celebrate with friends and family, and every year the list gets bigger and bigger because my friends are having kids and now grandchildren.’

Well where's our invite, Kris? Insert joke about how it got lost in the post blah blah blah etc. Merry Christmas to the Kardashians, and we hope there's enough mulled wine to go round.

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