Kate Hudson’s dad talks about why he thinks his daughter is unlucky in love

Bill Hudson talks about sex with Kate Hudson's mum being 'intoxicating' and is basically an off-the-scale embarrassing dad.

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Forget dad dancing and generally being really embarrassing, Kate Hudson's dad wins the 2014 award for 'Oh god stop talking' for revealing the reasons he thinks Kate can't keep a man. Apart from the fact that sometimes people grow apart and love isn't a Disney movie, obviously.

Last week Kate and Muse frontman boyfriend Matt Bellamy broke up after a four year engagement, and mere days later she was seen kissing Derek Hough, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's ex. So obviously the best person to weigh in on this would be her estranged father, who compares her to her mum which isn't awkward at all. ‘It’s heartbreaking to see yet another of Kate’s relationships break down,’ Bill Hudson told MailOnline. ‘She has a wandering eye, just like her mother. What people don’t realise is that behind the glitz and glamour of fame and stardom is a darker reality. When you are in a bubble – and Kate’s been in a bubble her whole life as the daughter of a celebrity and now a celebrity herself – it is much harder to sustain a long-term relationship.'

Can you imagine if your dad said your mum had a wandering eye and that's why you'd just gone through a really heartbreaking series of breakups? Jeez. Anyway, Bill cheerily continued that he is probably to blame for abandoning her: ‘I take full responsibility for the fact that my actions when she was a girl helped contribute to the problems she has forming lasting bonds today. I feel tremendous guilt,' he said, 'To be a star, by it’s very definition, you have to be selfish. To sustain her level of fame Kate has to put herself first, and that isn’t a recipe for successful romance'

Well at least he hasn't started talking about sex with her mum. Oh, wait. Oh no, he has. 'The attraction was instant, the sex was mindblowing,' he says of his relationship with Kate's mum Goldie Hawn. 'We were thrust into the full glare of fame,’ he says. ‘We were like Brad and Angelina. When you are living like that it’s a very seductive thing. Our son Oliver came along and then Kate. They grew up thinking fame was normal – they never knew any different.’

Aside from the TMI, Bill did have some pretty interesting things to say about Kate's upbringing, and what it was like living in a super famous, super privileged family:

'Goldie was the biggest name in town so studios would send private jets to ferry her around. Kate grew up thinking every kid flew by private jet. When you are famous you breathe rarified air and it’s very seductive. The thing I remember most from those days is we never had to queue for anything.

‘You arrive at an airport and get met by someone who ushers you on to the plane and then at the other end someone else picks up your luggage. You walk into a restaurant and get a table instantly.

‘There are people to dress you, do your hair, buy your food, take care of your kids. It’s not a normal environment. It doesn’t matter who you are, you begin to think of yourself as special and better than the masses.'

And then he goes back to making sure everyone's aware he was having great sex with Kate's mum: ‘But although the sex between Goldie and I was intoxicating, she was never able to commit to the relationship in the way I wanted. Like Kate, she was a free spirit. I wanted a traditional marriage but Goldie wanted an open relationship.’

Next time your dad embarrasses you in public, just have a little read of this and think of Kate.

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