Kate Moss ‘did a Del Boy’ by falling through a curtain at Jonathon Ross’ Halloween party. Incredible.

"Play it cool, Mossy"


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Kate Moss is a bit of a party animal, as we’re all aware. Actually, she wrote the manual on party animaling. She set up a zoo and trained real animals in the art of partying. She went into animal schools and taught badgers and owls and foxes precisely how much champagne to imbibe before you think it’s a good idea to take off all your clothes. Not that badgers wear clothes. Well, not anymore – they once had a massive piss-up and decided to give up their dungarees forever.

Anyway, back to Kate, who somehow managed to party so hard at the weekend that she pulled a Del Boy and fell straight through a curtain in front of a load of shocked guests.

Over to Absolute Radio presenter Frank Skinner, who was there with her at Jonathon Ross’ Halloween bash on Friday night:

“I’ve never met Kate Moss before. And it was quite significant. We were about to go into the horror maze, and David Baddiel said to me, ‘Frank, meet Kate Moss’, and I said, ‘Oh, hello’. And I thought, ‘Wow. I have finally met someone who is beyond the cool.’”

Except things then went horribly wrong:

“And she leaned on this wall and it wasn’t a wall it was a curtain. And she did one of those Del Boy moves. I said, ‘Actually it’s not a wall, it’s a curtain’….as if she hadn’t realised it by this point.”

Oh god. Oh god. Mossy totally styled it out though, presumably by gliding to her feet, lighting up a Gauloise and staring coolly at Frank until he stumbled away.



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