Kate Moss and Jamie Hince living ‘separate lives’

Kate and Jamie aren’t getting on...


by Ellie Henman |
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It’s claimed Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince haven’t spoken for weeks and are virtually living ‘separate lives’.

The pair, who married in 2011, haven’t been pictured together since 10 April and it’s reported that Jamie’s friendship with fellow musician and model, Lady Mary Charteris, has been a major concern for Kate.

“Kate does not like Lady Mary at all and the feeling is mutual. When they have met at functions, Mary has called her ‘Croydon Kate’ to her face,” an insider told the Sun.

We don’t think that will have gone down well at all.

The source added: “Jamie has spent time at Mary and Robbie’s place in London, despite the fact he has a marital home with Kate a few miles away. Things are so bad that they have been avoiding being at their place at the same time.

They have not seen each other for several weeks.”

Another insider told the newspaper that after a blazing row three months ago was the start of the marriage breakdown.

“There have been arguments and jealousy, although nothing is going on with either of them,” they said. “They both seem interested in different things.

“There was a blazing row. Jamie has been saying he’s worried he has wasted the last eight years.”

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