Katie Hopkins on Peaches Geldof’s death: “If you’d met her, you’d know why she died”

The controversial motor-mouth hinted that she knew about Peaches’ drug use


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More evidence to suggest Katie Hopkins is just a clickbait robot 3D-printed by Google and unleashed onto the internet: she’s hinted that she knew about Peaches Geldof’s heroin use before she died.

Speaking to The Sun last night, Hopkins said Peaches’ death – almost a year ago today, on 6 April 2014 – was “given a status it didn’t deserve”.


Referring to THAT This Morning debate on attachment parenting that she and Peaches had clashed on, Katie said: “If you’d met her when I met her, you’d know why she died.”

She continued: “After the debate she was really over-excited and thrilled about how it had gone. It was a good thing.”

While she admitted Peaches had won their argument on the ITV show, Hopkins added that the 25-year-old’s death had been “elevated” to a level it didn’t require.

It’s not the first time Katie has been seen taking pot-shots at Peaches’ accidental drug overdose – last year she blasted the socialite’s supporters, asking them whether they’d defend a council estate mum who had done the same thing as Peaches.

“Just as we all suspected, Peaches died of an overdose, slumped over her bed, surrounded by the stuff of an addict, syringe, knotted tights, burned spoon — and an 11-month-old child,” she wrote in her column at the time.

“Celebrity status must not — and cannot — be allowed to excuse dark deeds. A celebrity mum is no less a criminal than a 16-year-old mum from a council estate,” she added.

During last night’s live stream event with The Sun, Katie also talked about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house – and said Katie Price didn’t deserve to win.

“She was out more days than she was in [because her boob job went wrong and she needed medical attention].

“I just felt there were more deserving winners – Calum Best and Michelle Visage – and I just felt like someone who was barely there, had her boob falling out and was in surgery or her hairdresser’s more than she was in the house, probably didn’t ought to win. But that’s just me,” Hopkins added.

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